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About Our Business

Stevens Car Care Products, Inc. Was formed in 1982 and began manufacturing and distributing detailing chemicals, supplies, support items, and auto electronic products. Our first product from our "Advanced Formula" line was our car wash soap. It is still our number one seller and has a massive loyal following. From there we have added many more quality formulations from dressings, cleaners, waxes, compounds, and now our Cream-max line of quality cermanic products. We also manufacture our electronic rust deterrent systems "Rusterminator" for vehicles. It is sold world wide. Over the years Stevens has also owned and operated a small chain of retail detail and accessory shops. This has allowed us an opportunity to design and formulate our professional detailing products with an "in the trenches" advantage as these shops used and refined the performance of these products on a continual daily basis.


Private label and custom blending available to qualified accounts.  Please complete the form for details.

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