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Q. Will the Rusterminator have any effect on my car 's battery or electrical system?

A. No. The Rusterminator 's signal is "Direct Coupled"directly into the vehicle 's metal at an extremely low frequency. Power consumption is minimal. It will not effect on-board computers, car audio, cellular phones, or other electrical equipment on a vehicle.

Q. How do I know the Rusterminator is operating properly?

A. The Rusterminator module has a diagnostic LED that is mounted on the interior of the vehicle and has a steady cycle. If you should notice this LED off, continuously on, or blinking at an abnormal rate, contact your Authorized Rusterminator Dealer. Authorized dealers are also required to check operation of unit during required yearly inspection.

Q. Will the Rusterminator stop all rust, including surface rust?

A. No. The Rusterminator is a Corrosion Deterrent System that is specially designed to achieve protection against the devastating damage of rust perforation from the inside out AND the outside in. Bare metal, exposed to the elements of air and moisture, will want to begin the rust process but the Rusterminator will guard against its continual and eventual destruction resulting in perforation.

Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A.!
Protects your new car investment... Can outlast your loan!
No costly yearly resprays.
Free annual inspections
No hazardous chemicals or unhealthy fumes.
Transferable at resale to the next owner*
100% guaranteed for life not to rust through or we 'll fix the hole*
Will not void manufacturer 's guarantee.
Nationwide dealer network.
Only Rusterminators installed by authorized dealers qualify for any applicable warranty.
Can improve resale value at trade-in time.
Exclusive Direct Coupled design.
Slows rust buildup from dents and nicks.
Independent lab tested.

* Call or ask for a copy of the warranty for complete details.

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