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Quick Reference Operation Overview

Lock - Press button one - parking lights will flash once and doors will lock.

Unlock - Press button one - parking lights will flash twice and doors will unlock.

Two-Stage Unlock - This is an OPTION available at an additional cost. It may not be available for all vehicles. Press button one - only the drivers door will unlock. Press button one again within 5 seconds - all other doors will unlock.

Trunk Release - Press button two for 2 seconds. This will activate trunk release. This is only operational with the ignition off.

Channel Three - This button can operate optional equipment such as window roll up, remote starter, etc. See your dealer for information and pricing.

Valet Override - To turn off all features of keyless entry system, press button one for 3 seconds with the ignition "on." Valet mode will be confirmed by one parking light flash. To take the system out of valet mode, repeat the process. The parking lights will flash two times to confirm that it is out of valet mode.

Starter Kill - This is an option available at an additional cost. When the vehicle is locked with the keyless remote, the starter circuit is interrupted.

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