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Installation Manual

Please read installation instructions completely before installing as we count on our installers to provide a professional installation. Please take the same pride in your installations as we do in our system.

• Compact microprocessor control module • Multi-Code learning
• Multi-Function 3 button remote transmitter • Super code protection • Code hopping
• Remote control arming/disarming • Audible and visual arming/disarming
• Remote control panic operation • Power door lock/unlock output
• Automatic rearming and last door arming • Chirp or no chirp confirmation by remote
• Valet/emergency override switch • Keyless entry (when in valet)
• Built-in flashing parking lights relay • 45 seconds siren duration with automatic reset
• Remote control trunk release • Negative 500mA channel 3 output
• Selectable 5/30 sec. arming delay time • Electronic dual stage shock sensor
• Delete shock sensor from remote • Defective zone bypass • Compact six tone siren
• Audible intrusion defective zone identification • Lock/unlock output duration selectable
• Ignition controlled door lock/unlock selectable • Plug-in wiring harness
• Power interrupt alarm memory • Multifunction LED status indicator • Starter disable output
• 2nd car remote operation • Alarm zone memory • Domelight supervision output
• User EPROM storage 4 different codes • 2 warning stickers

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