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• Chirp or no chirp confirmation by remote
• Valet/emergency override switch
• Keyless entry (when in valet)
• 45 seconds siren duration with automatic reset
• Remote control trunk release (optional)
• Negative 500mA channel 3 output may
be used to operate remote car starter,
window roll up, or other options (not included).
• Selectable 5/30 sec. arming delay time
• Electronic dual stage shock sensor (optional)
• Delete shock sensor from remote
• Defective zone bypass
• Compact six tone siren
• Audible intrusion defective zone identification
• Ignition controlled door lock/unlock selectable
• Power interrupt alarm memory
• Multifunction LED status indicator
• Starter disable output (optional)
• 2nd car remote operation
• Alarm zone memory
• Domelight supervision output (optional)
• User EPROM storage 4 different codes
• Compact microprocessor control module
• Multi-Code learning
• Multi-Function 3 button remote transmitter
• Super code protection • Code hopping
• Remote control arming/disarming
• Audible and visual arming/disarming
• Remote control panic operation
• Power door lock/unlock output
• Automatic rearming and last door arming
• Up to 150 ft. remote control range

Defiance Alarm Installation Instructions
Defiance Alarm Operation Instructions
Defiance Keyless Entry Installation Instructions
Defiance Keyless Entry Operation Instructions


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