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Stevens Car Care Products, Inc. proudly manufactures its own line of high quality "Advanced Formula" Detailing Chemicals. Manufactured exclusively for the professional dealer, we have the product you're looking for. We carry our chemicals in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon sizes. 

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Tar and Wax Remover

Our exclusive formula makes fast work of tough problems. Simply spray on, let penetrate, and wipe off! It couldn't be easier!

Car Wash

A super concentrated formula. Makes mounds of rich, lubricating suds that float away dirt and road grime - even grease. pH Balanced! Will not harm waxed finish. Free rinsing formula. Resists spots and streaks. Works great in automatics too!  Uses only 1/2oz. per gallon.
Chrome Wire Wheel Cleaner Makes those chrome spokes look new again! Simply spray on and hose off! Nothing could be easier to make a vehicle look better.  CAUTION: contains hydroflouric acid.  Read and follow MSDS instructions.
Chrome Wire Wheel Cleaner MAX We have never seen any formula stronger.  BEFORE USING READ AND FOLLOW MSDS SHEET AND LABEL DIRECTIONS INCLUDING USING PERSONAL PROTECTION ITEMS.  CAUTION: contains hydroflouric acid and other acids.
Cherry Bomb This heavy duty general purpose cleaner tackles the toughest jobs and generates an explosive blast of cherry fragrance. High dilution ratios make it an economical and time saving problem solver. Cherry Bomb is biodegradable and nonflammable.
Deodorant Sprays A must for the detailer 's final step. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Add a unique aroma that gets your customer 's senses going!  Super concentrated.  Just a couple of sprays will make the aroma fill a cars interior!

Lemon, Cherry, Jasmine, Pina Collada, Island Mango

Engine Degreaser A quick grease cutter. Spray on engine and rinse off. Cuts through grease and dirt fast and easy. Takes years of abuse out of the engine compartment in minutes! For maximum appearance, spray with Rubber Tire Dressing when done for a fantastic look!
Fabric Guard Our original formula. Protects against most spills and water based stains. A silicone based protection forms an economical base of protection. Takes just minutes to apply! A great profit maker at $49.95 -$79.95 per car. Any car uses less than a quart.
Glass Cleaner New Improved No-Streak Formula! A high concentrate that easily dilutes to 4oz. per 32oz. bottle.. Non-smearing, fast action cleaner makes windows clean and sparkling. Very economical!
Gloss Boss II Tire Dressing A superior performing dressing for vinyl, rubber, etc.  Leaves a fantastic sheen on tires.  Excellent for engine dressing and door jambs.  Consult label for usage.
Interior Shampoo A concentrated top performer. Extremely economical to use. Just pennies per car for a great looking interior! Cleans carpeting, seats, headliner and more. Leaves a fresh lemon fragrance. Use only 3 to 6 oz. per gallon! Perfect for extraction machines. Ask your rep about them today.
NanoMax Space age nano application allows substantial deep surface coverage.  This technology produces excellent durability and imbeds a deep gloss shine.  Submicro Nano Technology Advanced Cross Polymers Weather and Detergent Resistant Zonyl by Dupont
One Step Wax and Cleaner The perfect product for detail shops that service used car lots. "One Steps" action removes mild oxidation and surface dullness. Its cross polymer action leaves a fantastic high gloss shine that is detergent resistant. A proven money maker! Can be applied by a high speed buffer, orbital, or hand.
Purple Haze Spray Glaze Introduced as an instant success! Spray on, wipe in! Beats the other "express waxes" by miles. Great for paint sealant maintenance, showroom sales, car shows, etc. Makes a great counter sales, impulse item! Produces fantastic results with buffer and orbital.
Rubber Tire Dressing Leaves a beautiful, high gloss shine without a "glazed donut" effect. Super long lasting. Our best seller! Great on door jams.  Consult label for usage.
Siligone Dressing A superior performing dressing for vinyl, rubber, etc.  Leaves a gloss finish on tires.  Excellent for interior dressing and door jambs.  Contains no silicones.  Body shop safe.  Consult label for usage.
Terminator A bio /enzymatic combination that DESTROYS odor from carpets, headliners, car interiors, and more. The Terminator is also a shampoo cleaner that lifts and removes most stains including milk, vomit, blood, coffee, wine, grease, and more!
The Edge Removes Swirls and Light Oxidation Enhanced Carnuba Wax Field High Tech Polymers and UV Protectants High Gloss, Durable Surface - Consult label for usage.
Trouble Spotter This proven winner will make you look like a miracle worker to your customers! Takes out the toughest stains in car interiors. Can also be used as a traffic pre-spot by diluting 4:1. Fresh "outdoor"pine scented.  Heavy stains use 50/50.
Vinyl Cleaner Excellent cleaner for vinyl, dashes, and tops. Concentrated formula allows you to save money and produce excellent cleaning results. Can be cut back up to 4:1 or more!
Vinyl Dressing For a deep, rich shine that can 't be beat. No heavy grease residue like other "National" brands. A dazzling brilliance that gives any interior that luxury look. Great on tires and vinyl tops too!  Citrus scented.  Consult label for usage.
Whitewall Tire Cleaner Nobody beats this product. Whatever else your using, throw it away! Out-cleans and out-whitens better than any product we tested. Concentrated mixture dissolves away the toughest dirt and scuff marks. Makes blackwalls and whitewalls look new again! Be sure to spray on our Rubber Tire Dressing for a professional detailer 's final step!


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